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Brand Management

This is something that no campaign can be without! You need to have a cohesive brand across all of your printed materials, so that when people see it they immediately recognize whose brand it is without even reading the material. This is something major corporations have been doing for over a century -because it works. We all know the golden arches means McDonalds, right? Well your campaign logo is no different. You want the voters in your district to recognize your brand so that they remember it at the polls.

Campaign Photography

It is no secret that professional photographs are a requirement in today's political climate. If the pictures look like they were taken on a cell phone camera then you won't be taken seriously.

But here is something that you probably didn't know: Just having Professional photographs is not good enough!

A recent study showed that when presented with pictures of candidates in a political race; people with absolutely no knowledge of the candidate's platform or political party were able to pick the winner of the race an astonishing 89% of the time!

Do you know what your pictures should look like? We do.


Website Build & Design

The days of being able to run a successful campaign without a professional website are over. Nearly 75% of all voters say that when they find out someone is running for office, they look the candidate up online.

If your website is not easy to use, informative, and clean then you don't stand a chance. We run into a lot of people that have friends or family members make a quick campaign website for a candidate. These volunteers always have the best intentions but more often than not leave you wishing that you had hired a professional from the start. Spelling and Grammatical errors stick out like a sore thumb on campaign websites. Errors on your website become fodder for your opponent and a detriment to you when a voter notices and thinks that you lack the attention to detail that is required of elected officials.

Also there are certain requirements of disclosures on websites that must be adhered to. Your volunteers are likely not up to date with these and may land you in hot water with the agency governing your election.

We know how campaign sites show look, we know how they should function, and we know the required disclosures you need. Do you?


Website Hosting

Though not the best of options as it could cause a lag in your website's load time, we do have the ability to host your site on our servers. This will save you a little bit of money but requires that your URL be forwarded -with masking- from the site that you purchased your domain from. For this we suggest using Godaddy to purchase your domain name. We would not, however, suggest using Godaddy to host your campaign website.

We only offer this hosting to our clients that also have us build their campaign website.


Candidate Training

Most people decide to run for office because they have a specific issue in mind. Unfortunately they don't think about everything else that goes with running for office.

For example, if you are running for congress because you think that the federal government is too big and you want to be a budget hawk in order to ensure that we have a balanced budget and lower the national debt. What committees do you want to be a part of? What is your stance on Internet affecting Laws like CISPA, or SOPA? How do you feel about the Davis-Bacon Act? Where are you on Currency Reform? There are SO MANY things that you have to know about. So many different answers to such a wide array of questions, that very few people can do it without help.

You may be able to think quick on your feet, but if you don't have the training and direction you need, you will end up looking inexperienced and non-electable.


Comprehensive Media Strategies

No campaign is the same. No district is the same. Knowing that, it is easy to say No Media Strategy can be the same. Cookie-Cutter media strategies DO NOT WORK!

The problem that most run into is improper targeting of media assets especially here in California. Since the passage of Prop 14 media targeting is a whole new ball game. We have the experience to adapt to any locale and properly target you key demographics.


Debate Preparation

Can you hold your own in an argument?

That is basically all a debate is. But can you make your point in less than 60 seconds? Have you memorized you opening and closing statements? Do you know when to smile and nod vs when to interrupt and attack? Can you speak extemporaneously on every topic that will come up in a political debate? Can you think on your feet? Do you have your answers ready before you walk into the debate hall?

Do you know the argument points of your opposition?

We will help you be able to answer YES to everyone of those questions.


District Mailing Strategies

Most campaign consultants will tell you.. "just send mailers out to members of your party" That is so wrong it is nearly laughable. We're not going to give away any trade secrets here but we know how to target and who to target to give the maximum positive results for your campaign.


District Research

No two districts are the same. It takes skill and experience to do the needed research on your district to give you the best possible chance of winning.


Endorsement Collection

Endorsements give the appearance of credibility. No one has ever gotten elected without endorsements. We have the contacts to help you get the endorsements that will do the most good for your campaign.

Event Management

This is one of the most difficult things for a candidate. Creating a fundraising event that people that will show up for and pay money for.
OR creating an event designed to get you the most return on election day.

This is something that almost every new candidate dreads. Don't worry, we've go this one covered. We have a trademark pending approach specifically designed to get voters to, not only attend your event but, to vote for you as well.



We all know that money is the "Mother's Milk" of politics. Because of that candidates need to spend hours upon hours fundraising. However, if you don't know how to fundraise you will never get any donations. We will teach you how.


Graphic Design Services

So, you have decided to run for office. You may have a logo that you have made for your Facebook cover photo. Do you have one for Google+ and Twitter? They are different sizes. What about a custom background image for Twitter? Do you have your profile photos in all the various sizes that are needed? Do all of your images match up stylistically? What about matching up with your yard signs, website banner, and brochures?

We have working relationships with a number of extremely talented graphic designers and photographers. And if you don't want to deal with all of the headaches of making sure all of your graphics stay in line with your brand, we know how to do it.


Image Consulting

Did you know that some shades of the color red look bad on video recordings? Do you know that a mirror shine on your shoes makes people think that you are trying to act like you are superior to them?
Men, how much gray in your hair is too much?

Presenting the proper image to the voters goes a very long way to helping you get elected.


Merchandise Consulting

From Bumper Stickers to Tee-Shirts fundraising merchandise has been around for over 100 years in American Politics. There is a lot of strategy that goes into how and when to sell or give away those items. They can be a great vote-getter or a gigantic money pit with no return on your investment.

Doing it wrong is easy, doing it right is difficult. We know what we're doing to make sure it gets done right.




Opposition Research

How well do you know your opponent, their past, their plans, their words, their record on issues, their available funds, their expenditures?

Do you have the needed hours of time to find it all out?

It is a very important thing to be able to call out your opponent when they are changing their stance from speech to speech in order to take votes away from you. Or to be able to point out that they voted against the interest of a specific group, or their entire district.


Policy Research

This is a HUGE thing.

As a candidate you will get asked your opinon on a wide array of topics, the Hatch Act, NDAA, Congressional Salary and Retirement, Constitutional Amendments, Welfare, PPACA(Obamacare), farm bill regulations, regulatory agency rulings, Tax Policy, Budget, Debt, Foreign Aid.. this list could be a thousand items long. You need someone that will help you identify the policy issues that are at the forefront of the public debate and to accuratley brief you on what the facts are.

This requires not only a knowlegde of exisiting policy, but the ability to source and understand pending legislation.

That is something you want someone else doing for you. It takes hours of reading a day to do it right along with the ability to quicly access the information required.


Polling Data Collection

Polling do A LOT for a candidate. No only does it assess wether or not the public thinks you are electable, it also gets your name out to the public giving the ability to think of you as an alternative to your opponent. Not to mention the ability to release favorable polling data in the form of a press release to local media which will draw attention to you as well.

Proper polling gives you needed information about the publi's perception of you and will help your campaign a great deal.

We can do that, can you?


Print Strategies

Nothing is more important to a campaign than mailers and door hangars. They provide the largest return for you investment - if done correctly and sent to the right people.

Are you going to send printed material to every single home in your district? I hope your answer to that is NO. You need to target your distribution as well as properly craft the message and design.

A good Print Stragegy combines design, voter roll filtering, mailer strategy and wordsmithing.

Doing it by yourself - or getting that amateur friend of a friend, or family member to do it- makes it about as possible to do properly as dropping out of highschool and then passing the BAR Exam and becoming a world class lawyer. Possible, but not likely.

Our Team has over a century of combined experience in doing it right.



We generally do not recomend this strategy as the laws governing automated calling are very complex and vary from state to state. The Laws are also different depending on if you are calling a cell phone or a land-line.

All of that being said, we can run a robo-call campaign for you, we do have the experience to get it done.


Signature Gathering Strategies

In many districts a certain number of signatures of registered voters in your area are required in order for you to be a candidate. Every state has different rules and regulations governoring the collection of signatures for political purposes. One our members was a professional signature gatherer for years. He was sent to multiple states to run these types of campaigns -for both proponents and opponents of legislation- where gathering large amounts of signatures in a small amount of time was a requirement where he excelled. We have the strategies you need to get all of the signatures you require. Let us put them to work for you.

Social Media Consulting

I know what you are thinking... FREE MARKETING!
However, in this new age of internet every where, smart phones, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Reddit, and about 50 other social networks do you know how to -and which- socail network profiles to set up?

Can you craft a powerfull message in 100 characters? and do it right the first time, everytime?

Did you know there are services online that litterally catalog everything a candidate or politician posts to social media and even keeps things that you delete?

Can you afford to not have a professional handling your social media?


Static Signage Consulting

Static Signs, Bandit Signs, Yard Signs, they are all the same thing and most candidates make the same mistakes.

We know the best practices for design as well as quickly identifing the best possible placement for your signs.

It is easy to get it right, but even easier to get it wrong.

Here is a piece of free advice: Never use a double sided sign.
There was a candidate running for office in northern california that made his 4x8s double sided. It was a nice clean layout but when the sign was back lit -from either the sun or just street lighting- the design on the back bled through and caused the picture of the candidate's face to have a very unfortunate design on it. He became the joke of the campaign and dropped out all because of bad sign design.


Television and Radio Strategies

This one is so difficult to get right that we are very proud of the fact that we do.

Who are your voters?
What stations do they watch?
When do they watch?
What stations do they listen to?
When do they listen?
Do you make one spot to blanket everyone or do you target your audience?
Are you in an open primary? If so should you also target voters outside of your party?

What do you say?
How do you get it to fit 15, 30, and 45 second blocks?

If you don't know all of the answers to these questions then you will NEED our help.


Treasury / Warchest Management

Nothing is worse that coming to your final push and realizing you do not have the cash on hand for the final month of campaigning.
You need someone to manage the books and make sure that you don't fall into the pit that has claimed more candidates in this country than we care to count.


Virtual Town Hall Services

Wether it be a phone, or internet, based Virtual Town Hall we can make sure to get everything set up for you.


Voter Roll Aquisition

We will get you the Voter Rolls for your district and help you identify your likely voters..
Remember just because they show up on the rolls does not mean that they will vote.



This can not be hammered home hard enough!

If your message is not crafted properly YOU WILL LOSE!

Here Endeth The Lesson